American Cancer Society/SSO Basic Science Lecture

This lecture award is delivered by an MD or PhD performing innovative basic or translational research relevant to the understanding of cancer biology or the care of the cancer patient. This award is funded by the American Cancer Society.

Steven D. Leach, MD  2018 
Andrew J. Dannenberg, MD 2017
David A. Tuveson, MD, PhD  2016
Max S. Wicha, MD  2015 
Robert J. Gillies, PhD 2014 
Lisa M. Coussens, MD  2013 
Charles L. Sawyers, MD  2012 
Rakesh K. Jain, MD  2011 
Stephen Baylin, MD  2010 
Edison T. Liu, MD  2009 
Mary-Claire King, PhD  2008 
Leroy Hood, MD, PhD  2007 
Bruce Stillman, PhD, FRS
Lasalle D. Leffall Jr., MD  2005 
Robert A. Weinberg, PhD  2004 
Arnold J. Levine, PhD  2003 
Phillip Sharp, MD  2002 
Harold Varmus, MD  2001 
Richard D. Kolodner, PhD  2000 
Isaiah J. Fidler, DVM, PhD
Richard Klausner, MD
 Francis Collins, MD, PhD 1997
 Mark Skolnick, PhD 1996
 Victor Ling, MD 1995 
 C. Thomas Caskey, MD 1994