Annals of Surgical Oncology Seeks Editor-in-Chief

aso_coverThe Annals of Surgical Oncology (ASO) is wholly-owned by the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) and published under contract with Springer/Nature. The ASO is the official journal of the SSO and via contract between the SSO and the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), also serves as the official journal of the ASBrS.

The current circulation of the ASO is more than 10,000 including member subscriptions and institutions with online access. Total article downloads in 2016 were 845,154, which is a 50% increase over 2015. The 2016 impact factor of ASO is 4.041.

Dr. Charles M. Balch will step down as Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Surgical Oncology in March 2018, coincident with the Journal's 25th Anniversary.

The SSO has begun a search process to identify a new editor to succeed Dr. Balch and has appointed an Editor-in-Chief Search Task Force to develop and oversee the process.

ASO Vision:
The Annals of Surgical Oncology (ASO) promotes high-quality surgical oncology management by communicating advances in research and education that are relevant and valuable to the provision of contemporary multidisciplinary care for patients with cancer. ASO, the official journal of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), is the journal of choice of surgical oncologists worldwide regarding surgical oncology research and education.

ASO Mission:
The mission of the journal is to serve its readers by 1) representing and advancing the profession of surgical oncology throughout the nation and the world; 2) promoting the highest quality multidisciplinary patient care and practice management; 3) providing relevant cancer education and research training materials using print and electronic media; 4) promoting clinical and translational cancer research, with an emphasis on clinical trials; 5) facilitating the career development of surgical trainees and their transition into academic and community-based practice; and 6) promoting public policy and patient advocacy issues related to surgical patient with cancer.

Editor Qualifications:

  • Proven expertise and leadership in surgical oncology.
  • Record of scholarly achievement.
  • Understanding of the surgical oncology research community nationally and internationally. Familiarity with published surgical research and the surgical oncology literature.
  • Ability to sustain and further develop the ASO as a leading surgical oncology periodical in oncology.
  • Experience with journal editorial boards via service on one or more major surgery journals.
  • Knowledge about periodicals publishing and the peer review process.
  • Ability to attract respected content experts.
  • Sufficient protected time to accommodate the Editor’s workload.

Editor Responsibilities:

  • Provide and implement Annals of Surgical Oncology’s (ASO’s) editorial purpose and vision.
  • Represent the journal to all constituents, including the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) as well as other international and national societies.
  • Act as ambassador to the author/editor/reviewer/scientific community.
  • Increase ASO’s quality, reputation, scholarship, impact, readership, and reach. 
  • Solicit and encourage submission of high-quality original research and provide editorial authority over what is published. 
  • Solicit editorials from experts to provide context, critical review, and greater understanding of issues raised by in-press manuscripts of interest to the readership.
  • Lead ASO in conjunction with Executive Editor and Identify, appoint, and monitor Section Editors and Editorial Board members. 
  • With Executive Editor, direct the review process to ensure timely and efficient handling of manuscripts and arbitrate appeals of authors. 
  • Chair Editorial Board meetings and work with staff to develop the agenda. 
  • Develop and Chair a biennial Editorial Board planning retreat. 
  • With Executive Editor, approve table of contents for monthly issues. 
  • Participate in quarterly meetings with the publisher and bi-annual meetings (March, October) of the Editorial Board. 
  • Work with Society and Publisher to ensure that ASO’s strategic and financial goals are met. 
  • Serve as an ex officio member, without vote, of the SSO Executive Council and attend two meetings annually. Submit summary ASO Editor Report to the Executive Council for distribution at each of these meetings. 
  • Help to guide and mediate editorial board actions with respect to the SSO as a Society, its priorities and governance concerns.

Application Process:
Interested individuals are requested to prepare and submit an application via email by July 31, 2017. The application should include the following items:

  • Letter of Application (250-300 words) describing your qualifications for the role of Editor-in-Chief, such as experience as an Editor or member of an Editorial Board, a track record of scholarship in the field, and demonstrated ability to attract high quality manuscripts.
  • Vision Statement (1,000 words) providing a clear description of your vision for the ASO under your leadership. The statement should set forth your goals and plans for the content of the ASO and how you will operationalize your plan.
  • Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae that describes your scientific experience and publication history and includes your current affiliation(s) and contact information.
  • Evidence of Institutional Support which may be a letter of support or other documentation from your employer that describes the level of support (release time and/or general office support) available should you be selected for the position. You must have this support for the full duration of your appointment. The SSO provides basic financial support for the Editor-in-Chief. Because the support offered by different institutions varies widely, you are encouraged to contact the appropriate office of your employer to ensure the feasibility of your application.

Applications and attachments should be emailed to SSO Executive Director Eileen Widmer,, no later than Monday, July 31, 2017.

Selection Timeline:
Deadline for receipt of applications is July 31, 2017.

Applications will be reviewed by the Search Committee immediately after the submission deadline. In-person interviews of candidates will take place in Chicago in September with a recommendation being made to the SSO Executive Council at its Monday, October 23, meeting.

The selected candidate will be expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest prior to appointment and annually thereafter throughout the Editor-in-Chief’s term of service.

Editor Stipend:
The Editor receives a $20,000 stipend which is paid by SSO. In addition, the Editor will receive $2,500 in travel funds to attend the Spring and Fall meetings of the SSO Executive Council in conjunction with the Society’s Annual Cancer Symposium in March and the American College of Surgeons’ Clinical Congress in October.

Editor Contract:
The Editor’s contract will be a multi-year agreement with the option to renew.

Role of SSO Executive Council:
The SSO Executive Council is responsible for all aspects of publishing the Journal, including its budget and business policies. Journal staffing support is provided by an independent vendor under contract with the Society.

The relationship between the SSO and the Editor is based on mutual respect and trust, and recognition of each other’s authority and responsibilities. The SSO Executive Council will not interfere in the evaluation, selection, or editing of individual articles, either directly or by creating an environment in which editorial decisions are strongly influenced.