Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Presented for outstanding contributions to surgical oncology through service to SSO, research, or enhancing clinical care or health policy. This is the successor to the Society of Surgical Oncology Heritage Award.

 Fabrizio Michelassi, MD  2017
 Mark S. Roh, MD 2016
Leslie H. Blumgart, MD  2015 
Stanley J. Dudrick, MD  2014 
David P. Winchester Sr., MD  2013 

Society of Surgical Oncology Heritage Award Recipients

William C. Wood, MD  2012
Kirby I. Bland, MD  2011
Murray F. Brennan, MD  2010 
John E. Niederhuber, MD  2009 
Glenn D. Steele, Jr., MD, PhD  2008 
Edward M. Copeland III, MD  2007 
Charles M. Balch, MD  2006 
Samuel A. Wells, Jr., MD  2005 
Blake Cady, MD 2004 
Donald L. Morton, MD  2003
Walter Lawrence Jr., MD  2002 
LaSalle D. Leffal Jr., MD  2001