Neoadjuvant Therapy Issues in Breast Cancer Webinar Series

Neoadjuvant therapy has been used for breast cancer for some time, but over the past few years, its role has expanded beyond the use of chemotherapy to downstage large tumors before surgery. Many factors impact the use of this treatment option, including a higher rate of breast conservation, a lower extent of resection and access to important prognostic information not available with adjuvant treatment. 

In 2016, SSO past President, Monica Morrow, MD, was joined by faculty representing a variety of specialties including surgery, oncology, pathology and radiology, to present a three-part webinar series addressing the fundamentals of neoadjuvant therapy, including: 

  • Selection of patients and outcomes;
  • Potential benefits for patients with operable cancer;
  • Controversies surrounding the use of local therapy after neoadjuvant therapy;
  • Unresolved issues in neoadjuvant therapy use. 

  • Each webinar consists of case-based presentations, is 60 minutes in length and includes a question and answer session.

    To view the webinars please click the titles below.

    Click here to download a full list of comprehensive topic-specific insights from the webinar series.

    Webinar Agenda

    Webinar Title Fundamentals of Neoadjuvant Therapy
    Speaker #1 Medical Oncologist - William Gradishar, MD
    Topic #1 Patient Selection and Outcomes of Neoadjuvant Therapy
    Speaker #2 Surgeon - Sarah McLaughlin, MD
    Topic #2 Local Therapy Benefits of Neoadjuvant Therapy
    Speaker #3 Pathologist - W. Fraser Symmans, MD
    Topic #3 Pathologic Assessment after Neoadjuvant Therapy

    Webinar Title Controversies in Local Therapy in the Patient Receiving NAC
    Speaker #1 Surgeon - Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD
    Topic #1 Management of the Breast
    Speaker #2 Surgeon - Tari King, MD
    Topic #2 Management of the Axilla
    Speaker #3 Radiation Oncologist - Alice Ho, MD
    Topic #3 Radiation and Reconstruction after NAC

    Webinar Title Unresolved Issues in Neoadjuvant Therapy
    Speaker #1 Surgeon - Terry Mamounas, MD
    Topic #1 Local Regional Recurrence after Neoadjuvant Therapy
    Speaker #2 Radiation Oncologist - Abram Recht, MD
    Topic #2 Is there a Standard for RT after neoadjuvant therapy?
    Speaker #3 Medical Oncologist - Harold Burstein, MD PhD
    Topic #3 What to do when pCR is not achieved and what new trials are coming?

    This activity is partially supported by an independent educational grant from Genentech, Inc.