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17-SSO-264-SSO-100-Percent-email-banner-355x155Every day you give 100% to ensure the best care for your patients. Now it’s time to show that you are 100% committed to supporting the research and education initiatives essential to surgical oncology.

Philanthropic contributions from SSO members provide full funding for the SSO Young Investigator Award and support educational offerings such as the SSO Fellows Institute and other research awards and lectureships presented at the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium.

Ronald Weigel, MD, PhD, Vice President of The SSO Foundation and Chair of The SSO Foundation Development Committee stated, “A gift of any size speaks volumes to your commitment to the Society’s mission to improve multidisciplinary patient care. Success of the SSO mission depends on the generosity of SSO members to the Foundation. Our goal is to achieve 100% membership donation participation.”

The SSO Foundation needs member support each year to continue to offer the Young Investigator Award, which is fully funded by SSOF. Over the last two years, the Foundation has provided $50,000 to support research that advances innovative ideas and concepts designed to improve health outcomes. This award provides a significant stepping-stone for the research careers of surgical oncologists who are within five years of completing their training. The 2017 winning proposal, “Evaluation of the Efficacy of Anti-Stromal Drug Pirfenidone in Combination with Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer”  was submitted by Vikas Dudeja, MD.

Kevin Roggin, MD, SSO Executive Council Member, said, “I support the SSO Foundation because I believe that the SSO is the premier international organization for surgical oncologists. Each donation provides vital support for the SSO’s outstanding education activities and research initiatives that seek to promote the best care of our cancer patients. I hope that every one of us can contribute in some small way to advance these important societal missions.”

It’s time to show your support to the SSO Foundation’s 100% Committed campaign. Make your gift by December 31, 2017 to be featured on The SSO Foundation Donor Board at SSO 2018. Your contribution is critical to support research, education and other important initiatives of the SSO and the SSO Foundation.

The SSO Foundation – New Donor Levels Announced

At the upcoming SSO Annual Cancer Symposium, March 21 – 24, 2018 in Chicago, The SSO Foundation Donor Board will feature levels of giving for the first time. In the past, all names and donations have been displayed simply in alphabetical order. Introducing donation-level categories will help grow giving to the Foundation and will encourage SSO members to thank our most generous donors for their support.

The new levels are:

Under $250:       Contributor
$250 – $499:      Major Contributor
$500 -  $999:      President’s Circle
$1,000+:              James Ewing Circle*

*$1,000 and above OR cumulative giving of $10,000 or greater since 2013.

Make a gift by December 31, 2017 to be featured on The SSO Foundation Donor Board at SSO 2018. Your contribution is critical to support research, education and other important initiatives of the SSO and The SSO Foundation. 

Moving the Profession of Surgical Oncology Forward

The SSO Foundation works with corporate and individual donors to raise funds to support surgical-oncology specific research awards and other educational initiatives that are at the heart of the SSO’s mission.  By supporting patient-oriented research in clinical and translational science, The SSO Foundation works in partnership with SSO to improve multidisciplinary patient care by advancing the science, education and practice of cancer surgery worldwide.

Each year, The SSO Foundation sponsors lectureships and awards in conjunction with the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium including: James Ewing Lecture, Clinical Investigator Awards and Young Investigator Awards.  In addition, The SSO Foundation raises funds in support of many SSO educational initiatives including the Fellows Institute, the Annual Cancer Symposium, CME webinars, and educational review series offered through the Annals of Surgical Oncology.  The chart below shows the breakdown of funding categories over the last five years.

Funding chart

The work of The SSO Foundation would not be possible without the generous support of SSO members and funding organizations.  Please consider a tax-deductible contribution and help to move the profession of surgical oncology forward.  

Thank you for your continued support.
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Donate to The SSO Foundation by using the secure PayPal button here or by downloading The SSO Foundation Form, and mailing or faxing it with your credit card information or check payable to "The SSO Foundation" to The SSO Foundation, 9525 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 870, Rosemont, IL 60018 (Fax: 847-427-1411).

If you have any questions, please contact The SSO Foundation at or 847-427-1400, ext. 107.