Program Information

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Laboratory Research

Genes to Dreams – Advancing Understanding of Cancer Metastases and Regional Therapeutics

  • Understanding all elements of unlocking the immune system
  • Basic science mechanisms and surrogates involved in regional therapies
  • Comprehensive breakdown of recently reported clinical trials in CRS/HIPEC
  • Review of ongoing and emerging US clinical trials in PSM & CRS/HIPEC

  • Liver

    Regional therapy of liver metastases including:

    • Innovative and complex surgical procedures for bilobar disease
    • Combination surgical and ablative therapy for diffuse disease
    • Surgical resection after infusional therapy
    • Novel ablative and perfusion techniques


    To better understand the multidisciplinary approach including the use of systemic, regional and surgical therapy modalities in the management of metastatic melanoma and sarcoma including:

    • Limb infusions and perfusions. Understanding how to perform and when to perform intraarterial perfusion-based therapies and expected outcomes
    • The use of intralesional therapies in the management of regionally metastatic melanoma
    • The management of the regional nodal basin with metastatic melanoma, including surgical approaches
    • The multidisciplinary approach including combination local, regional and systemic therapies for regionally metastatic melanoma

    Peritoneal Metastases

    The Future is Now- In these sessions we will discuss the intricacies of management and future directions in the management of peritoneal malignancies.

    • Molecular profiling in PSM: What should we be asking?
    • Intraoperative/perioperative management of PSM: How can we optimize?
    • Chemotherapy sequencing
    • Risk stratification in PSM