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Impact Factor Confirms Annals of Surgical Oncology's Influence

Author: Kelly Janowski
Jul 08, 2013

ROSEMONT, Ill. — The Society of Surgical Oncology is pleased to report its official scientific journal, the Annals of Surgical Oncology, achieved the top surgical oncology journal ranking in the 2012 Impact Factor rankings in the Surgery category.

“We are proud that surgical oncology researchers and surgical education leaders around the world would choose the Annals of Surgical Oncology to publish their important work,” said Charles M. Balch, M.D., editor-in-chief. “The 2012 impact factor is important to the Annals because it confirms that our journal is the premiere destination to showcase educational interests and cutting-edge research in surgical oncology since Annals-published articles have a lasting impact upon the literature.”

The Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® assigns an impact factor for scholarly journals based on the average number of times articles within the publication are cited by other papers and journals. The Annals, which is distributed to all SSO and American Society of Breast Surgeons members as an exclusive membership benefit, had an impact factor of 4.120 in 2012. This number has remained consistent during the past five years as the journal sustained a period of exponential growth. Furthermore, the journal increased in rankings in the surgery category to 9th out of 198 publications, closing the gap between the journal and other prominent publications.

The Annals of Surgical Oncology has now been published for 20 years and attracts a global audience of general surgeons and surgical oncologist who manage cancer patients. Indeed, for this readership of general surgeons, only the Annals of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery and the Journal of the American College of Surgeons rank higher and they all began publishing more than 100 years ago.

“It’s validating to see the numbers remain consistent in recent years because it means we retained the quality and respect of the journal while also expanding,” said Mark S. Roh, M.D., the publication’s executive editor. “We’re all proud to see our publication rise within the rankings and look forward to continuing to move forward with the publication and within the rankings.”

The Annals Impact Factors are:

2012 impact factor: 4.120 (2011: 4.166)
2012 rank in Surgery category: 9 out of 198 titles (2011: 9 out of 199 titles)
2012 rank in Oncology category: 51 out of 196 titles (2011: 44 out of 196 titles)

2012 five-year impact factor: 4.308
(2011: 4.279)
2012 five-year rank in Surgery: 9 out of 198 titles (2011: 10 out of 199 titles)
2012 five-year rank in Oncology: 48 out of 196 titles (2011: 44 out of 196 titles)

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