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Cutting-edge tool in operating room: Good Sam’s wand detects sponges left behind

Author: Sonja Isger, The Palm Beach Post
Nov 26, 2010

The surgical staff at Good Samaritan Medical Center will have a new tool in its operating rooms beginning next month . But it doesn't cure disease - doesn't even touch the patient.

Instead, the staff can keep what may be the most common surgical error from festering into a fatal one, by literally waving a "wand" to make sure every surgical sponge that goes into a patient also comes out.

Hospital officials were alerted to the technology by a man who wishes they'd had it before: Judge Nelson E. Bailey.

Bailey confirms that Good Samaritan was up against a wall after he sued it for leaving a sponge in him - one that rotted out part of his insides in the five months it took to detect it...

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