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Radiation Therapy Done in one Dose

Author: Rick Ruggles, Omaha World Herald
Nov 28, 2010

Nancy Sibert knew the toll that radiation treatments had taken on her husband, and she didn't want to endure that.

Sibert's husband, George, underwent several weeks of radiation to thwart throat cancer early this year. The treatments exhausted him and made his skin red and dry.

Shortly after that, Sibert learned she had breast cancer. She still was helping her husband recover and felt she couldn't take on weeks of treatments similar to his.

[SSO member] Dr. James Edney, chief of surgical oncology at the Nebraska Medical Center, told her she could undergo a new treatment. The treatment, part of a clinical trial, involved just one large dose of radiation immediately after surgery to remove the tumor. She went for it.

"I couldn't even tell I had it, really," Sibert said of the single-dose radiation therapy applied to the cavity where her tumor had been. "It's just remarkable this way."

The new radiation treatment holds great potential for many early-stage breast cancer patients, Edney and others say...

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