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Surgeon's research examines variations in care for breast cancer patients

Author: Mark Sanchez, Business Review West Michigan
Feb 02, 2011

In examining the different ways and circumstances under which breast cancer surgery is performed in the U.S., Larry McCahill [SSO member] seeks to begin addressing both cost and quality issues.

An oncology surgeon at Saint Mary's Health Care in Grand Rapids, McCahill suspects he'll find wide variations in how women with breast cancer are treated.

"You shouldn't see wide variability. That's more likely to be related to surgeon bias," said McCahill, medical director for surgical oncology at the Saint Mary's Heath Care's Lacks Cancer Center. "That means people are feeding patients different information."

Backed by a $1.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, McCahill and his research team are collecting data and examining outcomes measures for breast cancer surgery at four health systems in Vermont, Colorado, Washington and Wisconsin. The study follows up on previous research McCahill conducted while at the University of Vermont.

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