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Hypnosis minimizes need for anesthetic and painkillers

Author: Katie Moisse, ABC News
Aug 01, 2011

Donna Gould keeps a wooden box full of memories from her decade-long battle with breast cancer -- 500 get-well cards, a lock of her hair and a black cassette tape with a dog-eared label that reads "Donna's Hypnosis Tape."

The objects remind Gould of a time when she was "literally scared to death." After enduring two lumpectomies and a bout of radiation, Gould learned she would need a mastectomy.

"Isn't it weird how the thing that scares you the most finds you?" said Gould, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50. "I just couldn't cope. I was an absolute wreck every day."

Gould said she knew her worry was only making her sicker. But the two-week wait for the dreaded procedure that would claim her breast was unbearable. Her friend, a hypnotist, suggested she try hypnosis to calm her mind and change her outlook. Willing to try anything, Gould agreed and entered a trance to the soothing sound of her friend's voice.

The technique, which starts with relaxation, can change a willing participant's mind-set though softly spoken suggestions such as "You're doing this for your health," and "You're going to be fine." For Gould, the effects of hypnosis were so powerful that a tape-recorded session, played on a portable cassette player that she clutched until moments before her surgery gave her the comfort she needed to fight cancer.

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