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Could earlier cancer surgery have saved Steve Jobs?

Nov 29, 2011

When Steve Jobs was having a CT scan for something else in 2003 a cancerous tumour of his pancreas was discovered.

Despite the urges of his doctors to have the tumour removed, Mr Jobs - the head of computer firm Apple - opted "to wait and see".

In common with many "third-age" Californians he decided to try a vegan diet, juices, herbs, acupuncture and other alternative remedies.

To no avail. After nine months the tumour had grown. Opting for surgery this time his doctors found the cancer has spread to his liver and he died on October 5 this year.

Did Steve Jobs, clearly a brilliant, intelligent man, make a stupid decision when it came to his health?

In the US this question is a matter of much public and medical debate...

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