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Skin cancer patients get new treatment option in Chicago

Author: Steven Ross Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Jan 04, 2012

After two surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy failed to eradicate or even slow down the highly aggressive skin cancer on his right arm, Larry Black felt as though he was left with very few options.

"The melanoma was spreading very rapidly in my arm, to the point that it had popped out on my arm like little blisters all over and was spreading," said Black, 73, of Kankakee. "They (the doctors) said: 'We're not sure we can do any more surgery because if we did, it would take a large portion of the arm.' To save my life, the amputation would have to come next."

Northwestern Memorial surgical oncologist [and SSO member] Karl Bilimoria said isolated limb infusion can be a good option for those with advanced melanoma in which the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. Bilimoria estimated that two-thirds of patients who underwent the procedure experienced either partial or complete elimination of their tumors.

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