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Remote-control Surgery Grows, Despite Inconclusive Evidence

Author: Trine Tsouderos, Chicago Tribune
Feb 25, 2012

Chubby, pink and anesthetized into unconsciousness and paralysis, 16-week-old Ian Lund was a small bump under blue drapes on an operating table at University of Chicago Medicine. Perched above him was a robot, with arms like a three-legged spider.

One long instrument, containing a camera, had been inserted through the baby's bellybutton. Two others had been slipped into small incisions in his left side, each with tiny operating tools. All three arms were controlled by a surgeon sitting in a boothlike console facing a wall several feet away.

Operating the surgical instruments with joystick-like controls and the camera with his foot, Dr. Mohan Gundeti carefully snipped away a blocked portion of Ian's left ureter, the tube that carries urine from his left kidney to his bladder, and sewed the healthy part back to his kidney...

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