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Kidney Stones Prove Occupational Hazard for Surgeons

Author: Health Canal
May 08, 2013

Health care professionals, especially physicians, who work in operating rooms, are at increased risk of developing kidney stones, a Mayo Clinic study has found.

Remaining Text: Researchers surveyed more than 3,900 health care professionals at Mayo Clinic and found that nearly 11 percent had experienced kidney stones.

"Those who worked in operating rooms reported an increased prevalence of kidney stones at 14.6 percent, while physicians who worked in operating rooms reported the highest prevalence of kidney stones at 17.4 percent," says lead author Brian Linder, M.D. a Mayo Clinic urology resident.

Researchers also gathered additional information on potential risk factors for kidney stones such as quantity of daily fluid intake, stress level, activity level, body mass index, medical conditions and family history. Physicians reported significantly less fluid intake and higher stress levels when compared to colleagues not working in an operating room.

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