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Genetic Mutation Found in 22% of Black Women with Breast Cancer

Author: Ansa Varughese, Medical Daily
Jun 03, 2013

Researchers explained that black women were more likely to get early-onset breast cancer, even the “triple-negative” form that’s more aggressive and harder to treat.
Researchers screened 249 women at the University of Chicago Medicine's Cancer Risk Clinic for all 18 known breast cancer risk genes using targeted genomic capture and next-generation sequencing, which are fast and inexpensive tests that look for multiple variants of genes.

They found that 56 of the women, or 22 percent, tested at the clinic inherited at least one mutation that increased their risk of developing the disease. Specifically, 26 women had a BRCA1 mutation, while another 20 had the BRCA2 mutation and 12 women inherited CHEK2, PALB2, ATM and PTEN genetic mutations. Two women had mutations in two different genes.

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