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Doctors Praise New Surgical Knife That Diagnoses as it Cutse

Author: The Sydney Morning Herald
Jul 19, 2013

A new kind of surgical knife can tell cancerous from healthy tissue in seconds and may help improve tumour removal in the operating room, new research shows.

Known as the iKnife, the tool analyses the vapour given off as surgeons use electrical current to cut away tissue - and it reports in real time whether the tissue is cancerous. Tests in 91 human patients have shown the tool's diagnoses were extremely accurate and may be reliable enough for widespread use in operating rooms, the study, published in the US journal Science Translational Medicine, revealed.

The iKnife uses mass spectrometry to examine the surgical smoke given off by evaporating tissue, alerting the surgeon in three seconds as to what it contains. The iKnife ''can augment current tumour diagnostics, and it has the potential to influence 'on-table' decision-making and ultimately to improve oncological outcomes'', the study showed.

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