Surgical Oncology News

This section features a sampling of news related to surgical oncology from the popular press, from press releases received, or SSO news directly pertinent to SSO members.

  • ABS Announces New Certificate in Complex General Surgical Oncology

    By: The American Board of SurgeryDec 03, 2013
    April 28, 2011 - The American Board of Surgery (ABS) has received approval to offer a new subspecialty certificate in complex general surgical oncology. It was approved in late March by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the umbrella organization for the ABS and the 23 other recognized U.S. ...
  • Northwestern Medicine Uses new Minimally Invasive Technique for Melanoma

    By: Digital JournalAug 26, 2013
    Surgical Oncologists are now using Laparoscopic procedure to remove lymph nodes, cutting chance of infection and reducing recovery time in half. At first, Krista Easom figured the little red bump on her foot was nothing more than a blister. It didn't hurt, but after a couple months, it didn't go ...
  • Nanodrug Targeting Breast Cancer Cells from the Inside Adds Weapon: Immune System Attack

    By: ScienceDailyAug 10, 2013
    A unique nanoscale drug that can carry a variety of weapons and sneak into cancer cells to break them down from the inside has a new component: a protein that stimulates the immune system to attack HER2-positive breast cancer cells. The research team developing the drug – led by scientists ...
  • Doctors Praise New Surgical Knife That Diagnoses as it Cutse

    By: The Sydney Morning HeraldJul 19, 2013
    A new kind of surgical knife can tell cancerous from healthy tissue in seconds and may help improve tumour removal in the operating room, new research shows. Known as the iKnife, the tool analyses the vapour given off as surgeons use electrical current to cut away tissue - and it ...
  • John Hopkins Surgeons Perform Robotic Hysterectomies

    By: Health, Science+Technology, John LazarouJul 01, 2013
    Two Johns Hopkins gynecologic surgeons are among the first in the nation to perform a robotic hysterectomy using a single, small incision. Amanda Nickles Fader, an associate professor of gynecologic oncology and director of the Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Service and the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center in the Department of Gynecology ...