Texas Tech University Health Science Center- ASCO Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship


The TTUHSC serves the western half of the state of Texas committed to developing professionals via schools of Allied Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. TTUHSC holds a strong commitment to higher medical education and provides oversight by the Office of Graduate Medical Education. The School of Medicine holds 34 residency and fellowship programs with approximately 500 physicians-in-training on campuses in Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock and Permian Basin. The office offers a strong internal review of all programs to maintain accreditation and pursue continuing quality improvement.

Program Description

The overall goal of the ASCO Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is to enhance the experience and skills of recently trained physicians who wish to pursue an academic career dedicated to the management of breast diseases. This goal will be accomplished through provision of an environment conducive for academic excellence via:

  1. A state-of-the-art post graduate training and experience in multi-modality approach towards work-up and treatment of breast cancer and benign breast disease.
  2. A platform for academic and scholarly activities at TTUHSC- Breast Centers of Excellence (BCE) in Amarillo and Lubbock – Nationally accredited facilities for pursuance of excellent individualized patient care.
  3. A vibrant environment for basic, clinical and translational research pertaining to breast disease.

TTUHSC, ASCO fellowship offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum that is integrated in the fellowship program in order to achieve the overall goals while maintaining specific focus on the objectives outlined by the Society of Surgical oncology (SSO). Training is directed to prepare highly motivated, talented, and compassionate physicians who cannot only pass on the legacy of the fight against breast cancer but also excel in care of benign breast disease and prevention of cancer. This training will be provided through a unique multidisciplinary team approach of patient management focusing on continuity of care rather than fragmented rotations.


The Breast Surgical Oncology program has a dedicated team of physicians who are skilled and experienced in training and mentoring clinicians and surgeons.

Key Faculty

Surgical Oncology: Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, MD, F.R.C.S. (ED), F.A.C.S.
Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology
Director, Breast Centers of Excellence (Amarillo and Lubbock)
Medical Oncology:  Sanjay Awasthi, MD 
Women’s Imaging: James Henderson, MD
Radiation Oncology: Carlos Torres, MD
Research: Melanie Bisbee
Outreach: Sharon Felts


This one-year fellowship is comprised of Surgical oncology breast clinic, breast imaging, plastic surgery, pathology, Radiation oncology clinic, medical oncology, and research.

The uniqueness of this program is that the rotations are NOT broken up between disciplines; rather we follow a model of patient experience much like a navigation approach. This allows fellows to follow most of their patients throughout their cancer journey across disciplines to truly leverage the interdisciplinary approach. This allows fellows to expand operative experience throughout the year while truly understanding the interdisciplinary communications, and learning the impact of each decision in the grand scheme of cancer care.  The fellow is involved in pre and postoperative patient care, and performs operations and ultrasounds with guided procedures under the direction of an attending surgeon.  The fellow gains experience in the outpatient setting in our clinics, and attends conferences, lectures and seminars for didactic and interactive learning. There are a number of opportunities for clinical and basic research, based upon the individual interests of the fellow. All Fellows learn the fundamentals of research including the basics of research design, data analysis and ethical conduct of research through a 10-session structured program.  In addition, this program offers continued mentorship after the fellowship is completed to assist the graduating fellows in being successful in their career pursuits.


The standard application form and prerequisites available at the SSO web site are used for applications.  Graduates from Surgery AND Obstetrics and Gynecology residency programs are eligible to apply. The fellows are selected through the SSO matching program.  Interviews are conducted by the Fellowship Committee including supervisors of all disciplines.  All candidates are required to have obtained their USMLE certification.

Contact Information

Program Director: Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, MD
Email: rakhshanda.rahman@ttuhsc.edu

Fellowship Coordinator: Debbie Miller
Email: debbie.miller@ttuhsc.edu
Phone: 806-414-9420