Fellows Mentorship

As part of an initiative of the SSO fellow’s subcommittee to assist new members of the Surgical Oncology community as they transition through their careers, the SSO fellows’ subcommittee is developing a mentorship program. The program will eventually be available to incoming fellows, current fellows and surgeons in their first years of practice, however, the initial pilot project is being offered to only current fellows.  Our goal is to match mentees with mentors based on shared professional, clinical, research or personal goals and interests.

2018 Mentor & Mentee Pairs

Christina Roland, MD  Anna Weiss, MD 
Genevieve Boland, MD  Jennifer Tseng, MD 
Rebecca Auer, MD Heather Stuart, MD 
Adam Yopp, MD  Alexandra Gangi, MD 
Andrea Barrio, MD  Lucy De La Cruz, MD 
Christiana Shaw, MD  Meghan Flanagan, MD 
Robert Martin, MD  Oliver Eng, M 
Aimee Crago, MD  Brooke Vuong, MD
Lawrence Shirley, MD  Meredith Witten, MD 
Alexander Parikh, MD  Laura Bozzuto, MD 
Giorgos Karakousis, MD  Swapna Ghanta, M 
Carla Fisher, MD  Erica Hill, MD 
Ernest “Ramsey” Camp, MD  Akhil Chawla, MD 
Sarah McLaughlin, MD  Kerry-Ann McDonald, MD 
David Shibata, MD  Joal Bean, MD 
Daniel Abbott, MD  Lawrence Knab, MD 
Karyn Stitzenberg, MD  Christopher Scally, MD 

Interested in Applying for the Mentorship Program?

 Please review the below qualifications for applying to the SSO’s mentorship program.


Mentor Requirements:

  • Active SSO Membership
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in area of clinical interest in which the mentor wishes to provide mentorship (research, professional society participation, personal life, etc.)
  • Completion of a SSO Mentor Program application
  • Attendance at >50% of the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium meetings over the past 5 years
  • Attendance at the ACS and the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium meetings during the time frame he/she serves as a mentor
  • Cannot be a Fellowship Program Director.

Program Requirements: Quarterly contact is required between mentor-mentee.  Biannual SSO mentor receptions (ACS and SSO) will be organized to facilitate in-person meeting opportunities and face-to-face communication. Mentors will be surveyed at the end of each calendar year to evaluate the mentee, completion of their agendas for each meeting, and their perceived level of commitment.

Mentor volunteer collection is closed. If you would like to volunteer and meet the above mentor requirements, please contact fellowship@surgonc.org for more information. 


Mentee Requirements:

  • Current or incoming fellow in an SSO-approved Breast Fellowship or ACGME Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program
  • Active SSO Membership
  • Completion of a SSO Mentee Program application

Program Requirements: The mentee is expected to create an agenda for each mentorship meeting. An annual survey to assess mentorship satisfaction will be distributed to the mentees.

Mentee volunteer collection will begin in the fall and volunteer request will be sent to current fellows in an SSO Breast Fellowship or ACGME Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship program, and who are active candidate members of the SSO.

For any questions, please contact fellowship@surgonc.org