Fellows National Video Conference Series Articles

April 2013


Is There a Role for Simultaneous Hepatic and Colorectal
Resections? A Contemporary View from NSQIP

Mathias Worni, Christopher R. Mantyh, Igor Akushevich, Ricardo Pietrobon, Bryan M. Clary
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A Meta-analysis Comparing Simultaneous Versus Delayed Resections in Patients with Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastases

A.A.P. Slesser, C. Simillis, R. Goldin, G. Brown, S. Mudan, P.P. Tekkis
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Outcome of Abdominosacral Resection for Locally Advanced Primary and Recurrent Rectal Cancer

A. Bhangu, G. Brown, M. Akmal, P. Tekkis
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Assessment of Chemotherapy Response in Colorectal Liver Metastases in Patients Undergoing Hepatic Resection and the Correlation to Pathologic Residual Viable Tumor

Michael E Egger, MD, Robert M Cannon, MD, MS, Tiffany L Metzger, BS, Michael Nowacki, MD, Larry Kelly, MD, Cliff Tatum, MD, Charles R Scoggins, MD, MBA, FACS, Glenda G Callender, MD, FACS, Kelly M McMasters, MD, PhD, FACS, Robert CG Martin II, MD, PhD, FACS
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Sacral Resection for Recurrent Rectal Cancer: Analysis of Morbidity and Treatment Results

Genevieve B. Melton, MD, Philip B. Paty, MD, Patrick J. Boland, M.D., John H. Healey, M.D., Salvatore G. Savatta, M.D., Jorge E. Casas-Ganem, M.D., Jose´ G. Guillem, M.D., Martin R. Weiser, M.D., Alfred M. Cohen, M.D., Bruce D. Minsky, M.D., W. Douglas Wong, M.D., Larissa K. Temple, M.D.
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Regional Blood Flow Occlusion During Extensive Pelvic Procedures for Ovarian Cancer: A Randomized Trial

S. M. Eisenkop, N. M. Spirtos, W. M. Lin, F. Rafidi, G. M. Gross
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Definition of Patients Presenting a High Risk of Developing Peritoneal Carcinomatosis After Curative Surgery for Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review

Charles Honoré, MD, Diane Goéré, MD, Amine Souadka, MD, Frédéric Dumont, MD, and Dominique Elias, MD, PhD
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Results of Systematic Second-Look Surgery in Patients at High Risk of Developing Colorectal Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

Dominique Elias, MD, PhD, Diane Goéré, MD, Daniela Di Pietrantonio, MD, Valérie Boige, MD, David Malka, MD, PhD, Niaz Kohneh-Shahri, MD, Clarisse Dromain, MD, and Michel Ducreux, MD, PhD
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Systemic Chemotherapy prior to Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC for Carcinomatosis fromAppendix Cancer: Impact on Perioperative Outcomes and Short-Term Survival

Lana Bijelic, Anjali S. Kumar, O. Anthony Stuart, and Paul H. Sugarbaker
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