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SSO Makes New Strides in Membership Growth

Thanks to the diligent efforts from the Membership Committee, chaired by Douglas Tyler, MD, 2017 realized 3,120 members. This achievement marks the first time in SSO history that the Society has surpassed 3,000 members.  Retention strategies were key in accomplishing this new milestone. Historically, retention rates have been on the rise. 2016 saw a 5% increase over 2015 to 91%. 2017 retention rates grew to a remarkable 94%.

The chart below illustrates the composition of SSO members.

2018 SSO members pie chart

As a cancer surgeon, you spend your days delivering high-quality patient care, expanding your knowledge and honing your surgical skills. SSO keeps you in the forefront of your profession, which is why it is so important for you to renew your membership.

SSO offers you innovation with access to cutting edge and emerging research related to both surgical oncology in general, as well as new knowledge focused on specific disease states.

SSO offers you applicability with extensive translational research and practical resources that allow you to implement proven best practices.

SSO offers you connectivity with access to a community of your peers as well as worldwide surgical oncology experts.

If you have not renewed your membership in 2018, please take a moment to login to the SSO website. If you need assistance renewing, please contact membership@surgonc.orgor call (847) 427-1400, extension 108. SSO staff is happy to assist you with any membership inquiry.

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