SSO 2019 – 2020 Executive Council

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Society of Surgical Oncology SSO Executive Council group photoIn October 2018, the Executive Council approved a Slate of Nominees as well as candidates for an online election as recommended by the Nominating Committee for the 2019 – 2020 governance year. The positions included Officers and Executive Council Members. An online election took place in January 2019 for the Councilor-at-Large position. These recommendations were ratified by the SSO membership at the 2019 Annual Business Meeting and Town Hall and went into effect at the conclusion of SSO 2019.

We are pleased to welcome the following members to SSO leadership positions: President, David Bartlett, MD; President-Elect, James Howe, MD; Vice President, Douglas Tyler, MD; Secretary, Kelly Hunt, MD; Executive Council Members, Peter Allen, MD, Ronald DeMatteo, Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH; Community-Based Practice Representative, Margo Shoup, MD; and Councilor-at-Large, Genevieve Boland, MD, PhD. View the entire list of Executive Council Officers and members.

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