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My SSO Community for Fellows and Young Attendings

By: Camille Stewart, MD

Fellows CornerWeb-based posting boards have been used for many years as a way for medical professionals to exchange information.  The SSO has kicked off its membership forum, “My SSO Community,” during SSO 2019.  There are 10 “communities,” i.e. web-based posting boards that are focused on organ sites including breast, colorectal, endocrine/head and neck, GI, hepato-pancreato-biliary, melanoma, peritoneal surface malignancy, and sarcoma.  Members from across the country have joined and are engaging in discussions related to our field.

Fellows and young attendings are unique in that we now have our own “My SSO” community! Drs. Puneet Singh (breast surgical oncology, MD Anderson), Akhil Chawla (CGSO, Dana-Farber), and Camille Stewart (CGSO, City of Hope) are the “community champions” for the fellows and young attendings community.  As Community Champions, we are eager to facilitate and promote discussions about any fellow and young attending related topics.  These discussions can include, but are not limited to, methods of studying for boards, advice related to starting a new practice and tips on billing, and information on grants available to fellows and young attendings.  This community may also be used to discuss and foster research collaborations and arrange for meet-ups at conferences. Ultimately, we hope that this forum will promote the exchange of information as well as camaraderie as we embark on the next stage of our careers.

Importantly, the success of this community is dependent on participation of the fellows and young attendings by clicking this link.  Click the box that says “join” under the communities you are interested in – then you can browse content and post questions and responses.  You may also select how and when you see other members posts, either in real time or in a single email daily. 

We hope to see your input in the Fellows and Young Attendings Community soon!

My SSO Community: https://myssocommunity.surgonc.org/communities/allcommunities

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