SSO Data Update Initiative is Underway

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The SSO is committed to equitable representation, inclusiveness and opportunities for all members regardless of age, ethnicity, race, or gender identity. These topics are being addressed by SSO’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, chaired by SSO Past President, Monica Morrow, MD. This group is charged with advising the SSO Executive Council on ways to advance the Society’s commitment to these objectives.

SSO currently has very little information about our member demographics. Therefore, as an initial step, the Advisory Board has added a question about primary race/ethnicity to the “About Me” tab of your SSO membership profile. We are also asking that you add your birthdate and gender identity to your profile, as well as to answer the questions on the User Profile tab, if you haven’t already done so.

Participation in this effort is completely voluntary, and any public usage of the data will be aggregated and anonymized. You are not required to provide us this information. However, we are hopeful you are willing to share so that we can guarantee full representation in our Society, as well as inclusion for all our members.

Thank you in advance for your participation. 

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