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Learn about the ACS Commission on Cancer Standards on SurgOnc Today®

SSO’s podcast, SurgOnc Today®, features interviews with surgical oncology leaders and innovators in the field, including SSO Disease Site Work Group (DSWG) Chairs and members. In the new three-part series, experts discuss the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) Operative Standards.
In the first episode, “American College of Surgeons Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery – Why we need them and how to put them into practice”, Immediate Past President James Howe, MD, SSO Secretary Kelly Hunt, MD, and Matthew Katz, MD, discuss CoC accreditation standards 5.3 through 5.8, including what these standards are, where they came from, and why they are so important to all surgeons and their patients.
In episode two of the series, “CoC Standard: 5.7: Introducing the New Commission on Cancer Rectal Cancer Surgical Standard”, SSO Colorectal DSWG Chair, David Shibata, MD, James Fleshman, MD, and David Dietz, MD, describe Standard 5.7, Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) for Rectal Cancer. Their discussion includes details of the standard, the key steps of Total Mesorectal Excision, and its supporting evidence.
In the third episode of the series, “Commission on Cancer Standard 5.8: Best Practices to Meet to Standard for Nodal Assessment During a Curative Operation for Lung Cancer”, Timothy Mullett, MD, Stephen Swisher, MD, and Nirmal Veeramachaneni, MD discuss the Commission on Cancer (CoC) Standard 5.8 including a review of the requirements for nodal assessment during curative operation for lung cancer and best practices to accomplish the requirement.
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