Application for Engagement

The SSO mission is to improve multidisciplinary patient care by advancing the science, education and practice of cancer surgery worldwide. We achieve this mission through the dedication and work of hundreds of volunteer members who serve on our Committees, Subcommittees, and Work Groups. These volunteer groups are the functional entities that guide programs, projects and activities created to support our Strategic Plan. Please review the Committee Member Position Description for an understanding of the role and responsibilities serving on a Committee entails.

The 2020 Application for Engagement (formerly Call for Volunteers) will open later this fall and will allow Active, Active International, and Emeritus members in good standing to apply for positions on the volunteer groups that perform important work in many areas of the Society.

Applicants who are appointed to a committee position during the Application for Engagement will be invited to serve a two-year term from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2022. Committee members are expected to actively participate in any conference call or face-to-face meeting that is arranged.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, members are discouraged from serving on more than one volunteer group at a time. New applicants will be reviewed and placed on a volunteer group ahead of current Committee, Subcommittee, Work Group, and/or Task Force members who apply for a second position.

The Application for Engagement will open in October.

Every year we are amazed by the overwhelming number of applicants for open positions on our volunteer groups. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the work of the Society and thank you in advance for your interest. We also appreciate your understanding that we are not able to accept every application we receive, and that many of the applicants will not be accepted for committee service.

Before you apply, be sure to read through the Committee and Work Group Charges document available on the members-only portion of the SSO website to verify that your skills, expertise and interests are in line with the charge for the group(s) to which you apply. The charge may change slightly in the upcoming year but reviewing this document will give you a basic understanding of what each committee does

The Vital Role of Society Volunteers – Getting Involved

The SSO has nearly 390 members serving on 32 active Committees, Subcommittees, Work Groups and Task Forces for the 2019 – 2020 year. The various groups of SSO volunteer leaders are critical to the accomplishment of the SSO Mission. Whether Standing or Appointed, these Committees, Subcommittees, Work Groups, and Task Forces are the functional entities that guide and often execute the work of the Society. They also provide an opportunity for member engagement and the development of future Society leaders. During the 2019 Application for Engagement cycle, 186 members applied for 70 open positions.

In 2018, the Engagement Task Force made several recommendations to allow for a greater number of members to serve the Society in structured roles outside of formal committee work. Some of these recommendations have been implemented this year and include Human Librarians and Meeting Ambassadors at SSO 2019. In addition, the Annals of Surgical Oncology has identified roles for members as a manuscript reviewer or as a member of the Social Media Editorial Board. New opportunities will continue to be introduced and will be announced through Society communication channels. If you have questions or ideas for Society engagement opportunities, please email Andrea King, Manager, Governance and Engagement.

T Clark Gamblin, MD – Chair (2020)
Charles Staley, MD- Vice Chair (2020)
Sherif Abdel-Misih, MD (2021)
H. Richard Alexander, MD – Ex-Officio Member (2020)
Michael D’Angelica, MD (2020)
Fabian Johnston, MD (2021)
Daniel Labow, MD (2020)
Laura Lambert, MD (2020)
Russell Langan, MD (2022)
James Pingpank, MD (2021)
Mustafa Raoof, MD (2021)
Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH (2021)
Douglas Tyler, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Konstantinos Votanopoulos, MD, PhD (2021)
Jonathan Zager, MD (2020)

James Howe, MD – Chair and Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Sanjay Bagaria, MD (ex-officio) (2020)
Andrea Barrio, MD (2020)
David Caba-Molina, MD, MPH, MS (2020)
Steven Curley, MD (2020)
Martin Heslin, MD (ex-officio) (2020)
Ajay Maker, MD (2020)
Lawrence Shirley, MD (2020)
Jennifer Tseng, MD (2020)
Alliric Willis, MD (2020)
Charles Woodall MD, MSc (2020)
Herbert Zeh MD, FACS (ex-officio) (2020)

Eleftherios Mamounas, MD – Chair (2020)
Kandace McGuire, MD – Vice Chair (2020)

Nicolas Ajkay, MD (2020)
Jean Bao, MD (2021)
Anees Chagpar, MD, MSc, MPH (2021)
Alice Chung, MD (2021)
Emilia Diego, MD (2021)
Jill Dietz, MD (2021)
Maggie DiNome, MD (2021)
Carla Fisher, MD (2021)
Armando Giuliano, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Ismail Jatoi, MD, PhD (2021)
Christine Laronga, MD (2021)
Marilyn Leitch, MD (2021)
Augusto Leon, MD (2021)
Ko Un Park, MD (2021)
Melissa Pilewskie, MD (2021)
Stephen Sener, MD (2021)

Marissa Howard-McNatt, MD Chair (2020)
Michael Sabel, MD Vice Chair (2020)
Doreen Agnese, MD (2021)
Farin Amersi, MD (2021)
Laura Dominici, MD (2021)
R Y Declan Fleming, MD (2021)
John Hamner, MD (2021)
Dale Han, MD (2021)
James Howe, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Kathie-Ann Joseph, MD, MPH (2021)
Jennifer LaFemina, MD (2021)
Michael Meyers, MD (2021)
Prejesh Philips, MD (2021)
Andrea Porpiglia, MD (2021)
Janice Rafferty, MD (2021)
Chantal Reyna, MD (2021)
Nelson Royall, MD (2021)
Joshua Rubin, MD (2021)
Randall Scheri, MD (2021)
Shyamali Singhal MD, PhD (2021)
Ekaterini Tsiapali, MD (2021)
Jane Wey, MD (2021)
Herbert Zeh, MD, FACS (ex-officio) (2020)

George Chang, MD, MS – Chair (2020)
David Shibata, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Peter Allen, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Christina Bailey, MD (2021)
Wael Gawad, MD, PhD, FRCS (2021)
Nader Hanna, MD (2021)
Richard Hostetter, MD (2021)
Sajid Khan, MD (2021)
Nelya Melnitchouk, MD (2021)
Giuseppe Nigri, MD, PhD (2021)
Vanessa Palter, MD, PhD (2021)
Julian Sanchez, MD (2021)
Karyn Stitzenberg, MD, MPH (2020)
Patrick Sullivan, MD (2021)

James McLoughlin, MD – Chair (2020)
E. Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH – Vice Chair (2020)
David Bartlett, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Charles Cheng, MD (2021)
Jennifer Gnerlich, MD (2020)
Anita Johnson, MD (2021)
Vincent Reid, MD (2021)
Elizabeth Shaughnessy, MD, PhD (2021)
Jordan Winter, MD (2021)

Mehra Golshan, MD – Chair (2021)
David Linehan, MD (2021)
Sharon Weber, MD (2021)
Jonathan Zager, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)

Monica Morrow, MD – Chair (2020)
Deanna Attai, MD (2020)
Sanjay Bagaria, MD (2020)
Andrea Barrio, MD (2020)
David Caba-Molina, MD, MPH, MS (2020)
Anees Chagpar, MD, MSc (2020)
Callisia Clarke, MD (2020)
Sabha Ganai, MD, PhD, MPH, FACS (2020)
Fabian Johnston, MD (2020)
Masaki Mori, MD, PhD, FACS – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Lisa Newman, MD, MPH, FACS (2020)
Alliric Willis, MD (2020)

Steven Libutti, MD – Chair (2020)
Glenda Callender, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Chandrakanth Are, MD, MBA, FRCS, FACS (2020)
Russell Berman, MD (2020)
George Chang, MD, MS (2020)
Marissa Howard-McNatt, MD (2020)
Kelly Hunt, MD (2022)
Giorgos Karakousis, MD (2020)
Ajay Maker, MD (2020)
Eleftherios Mamounas, MD (2020)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (2020)
Nipun Merchant, MD (2020)
Jill Onesti, MD (2021)
Kenneth Tanabe, MD (2022)
Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH (2021)
Anthony Yang, MD (2021)
Sam Yoon, MD (2020)
Herbert Zeh, MD, FACS (2020)

Anthony Yang, MD – Chair (2021)
Carmen Solorzano, MD – Vice Chair (2021)
Mark Cohen, MD (2021)
Patricia Cronin, MD (2021)
Paxton Dickson, MD (2020)
Roberto Garcia Castillo, MD (2021)
Elizabeth Grubbs, MD (2020)
Jarrod Little, MD (2021)
Dhaval Patel, MD (2020)
John Phay, MD (2021)
Neil Saunders, MD (2021)
Dhairyasheel Savant, MS, FICS (2021)
Tracy Wang, MD, MPH – Executive Council Liaison(2020)
Tina Yen, MD, MS (2020)
Linwah Yip, MD (2021)

Sandra Wong MD, MS – Chair (2020)
David Bartlett, MD – President (ex-officio) (2020)
James Howe, MD – President-Elect (2021)
Douglas Tyler, MD – Vice President (2022)
Kelly Hunt, MD – Secretary (2022)
Russell Berman, MD (2021)
Christopher Pezzi, MD (2021)
M. Eileen Widmer, CAE, CFRM – SSO Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio)

Tari King, MD – Chair (2020)
Julie Sosa, MD, MA, FACS – Vice Chair (2020)
David Bartlett, MD – President (2020)
Russell Berman, MD (2020)
Callisia Clarke, MD (2020)
Nicolas Droppelmann, MD (2020)
Erik Dunki-Jacobs, MD (2020)
Jennifer Gnerlich, MD (2020)
Kelly Hunt, MD -Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (2020)
James McLoughlin, MD (2020)
Rogerio Neves, MD, PhD (2020)
Moshe Papa, MD (2020)
Sameer Patel, MD (2020)
Charles Woodall, MD, MSc (2020)
Herbert Zeh, MD, FACS (ex-officio) (2020)

Ajay Maker, MD – Chair (2020)
Vance Sohn, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Amanda Arrington, MD (2021)
Carlos Chan, MD, PhD (2021)
Kathryn Chen, MD (2021)
Natalie Coburn, MD, MPH (2021)
Evan Glazer, MD, PhD (2021)
Benjamin Golas, MD (2021)
Kaitlyn Kelly, MD (2021)
Timothy Kennedy, MD (2021)
Mio Kitano, MD (2021)
Laleh Melstrom, MD (2021)
Masaki Mori, MD, PhD, FACS – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Do Joong Park, MD, PhD (2021)
Alan Thomay, MD (2020)

Nipun Merchant, MD – Chair (2020)
Melissa Hogg, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Peter Allen, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Daniel Anaya, MD (2021)
Kyo Chu, MD (2021)
Claudius Conrad, MD, PhD (2021)
Julie Hallet, MD (2021)
Jin He, MD, PhD (2021)
Edward Kruse, DO (2021)
Ugwuji Maduekwe, MD (2021)
Hari Nathan, MD, PhD (2021)
Alexander Parikh, MD, MPH (2020)
George Poultsides, MD (2021)
Perry Shen, MD (2020)
Francis Spitz, MD (2020)
Charles St. Hill, MD (2020)

Chandrakanth Are, MD, MBA, FRCS, FACS – Chair (2020)
Danny Takanishi, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Rebecca Ann Auer, MD, MSc (2021)
David Caba-Molina, MD, MPH , MS (2020)
Marco Fiore, MD (2020)
Georgios Georgakis, MD, PhD (2021)
Ning Liao, MD, PhD (2021)
Aviram Nissan, MD (2020)
Miguel Rodriguez-Bigas, MD (2020)
Margo Shoup, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Yanghee Woo, MD (2021)

Chandrajit Raut, MD, MSc – Chair (2020)
Martin Goodman, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Genevieve Boland, MD, PhD (2020)
Anees Chagpar, MD, MSc (2020)
Jessica Cintolo-Gonzalez, MD (2020)
Thomas Clancy, MD (2020)
N. Joseph Espat, MD, MS (2020)
Timothy Fitzgerald, MD (2020)
George Molina, MD, MPH (2020)
Faina Nakhlis, MD (2020)
David Bartlett, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
M. Eileen Widmer, CAE, CFRM (ex-officio member)

Giorgos Karakousis, MD – Chair (2020)
Richard White, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Scott Albert, MD (2021)
Christina Angeles, MD (2021)
Adam Berger, MD (2021)
Genevieve Boland, MD, PhD (2021)
Mary Brady, MD, FACS (2020)
Jessica Cintolo-Gonzalez, MD (2021)
Emmanuel Gabriel, MD, PhD (2021)
Tina Hieken, MD (2021)
John Kane, MD (2020)
Nicole Kounalakis, MD (2021)
Nicole Look Hong, MD (2021)
Paul Mosca, MD, PhD (2020)
Alicia Terando, MD (2021)
Jonathan Zager, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)

Jill Onesti, MD – Chair (2021)
Erik Dunki-Jacobs, MD – Vice Chair (2021)
Lynn Dengel, MD (2021)
Joshua Ellenhorn, MD (2021)
Michelle Fillion, MD (2021)
Kristen Massimino, MD (2021)
Subhasis Misra, MD (2021)
Nathaniel Reuter, MD (2020)
Margo Shoup, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Magesh Sundaram, MD (2020)
Charles Woodall, MD, MSc (2020)

Kelly Hunt, MD – Chair and Executive Council Liaison (2022)
Alliric Willis, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Tania Arora, MD (2021)
Navin Bhambhani, MS, DNB, MRCS (2021)
Rohit Chandwani, MD, PhD (2021)
Akiko Chiba, MD (2021)
Callisia Clarke, MD (2020)
Hatem El Halabi, MD (2021)
Kelly Hunt, MD (2022)
Byrne Lee, MD (2021)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Michael Nicholl, MD (2020)
Ibrahim Sallam, MSc, PhDs, FEBS (2021)
Hans Schoellhammer, MD (2020)
Mihir Shah, MD (2021)
Geoffrey Young, MD, PhD (2021)

Daniel Coit, MD – Chair (2020)
Kimberly Dalal, MD – Community Practice Elected member (2020)
Armando Giuliano, MD – Immediate Past President (2020)
Alessandro Gronchi, MD – International Elected member (2020)
Kelly McMasters, MD, PhD – Past President (2020)
Nipun Merchant, MD – Active Member Representative (2020)
Kevin Roggin, MD – Executive Council Representative (2020)
Jonathan Zager, MD – Councilor-at-Large Representative (2020)

Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH – Chair (2021)
Edward Levine, MD – Vice Chair (2021)
David Bartlett, MD – President (2020)
Joel Baumgartner, MD (2021)
Lana Bijelic, MD (2021)
Mohammad (Haroon) Choudry, MD (2021)
Jordan Cloyd, MD (2021)
Jeremiah Deneve, DO (2021)
Sean Dineen, MD (2021)
Jesus Esquivel, MD (2021)
Alexandra Gangi, MD (2021)
Travis Grotz, MD (2021)
Chukwuemeka Ihemelandu, MD (2021)
John Kane, MD (2021)
Byrne Lee, MD (2021)
Patricio Polanco, MD (2021)
Maheswari Senthil, MD (2021)

Ronald Weigel MD, PhD – Chair (2023)
David Bartlett, MD (2022)
Jeffrey Drebin, MD, PhD (2021)
Timothy Eberlein, MD (2021)
Armando Giuliano, MD (2021)
David Linehan, MD (2022)

Tari King, MD – Chair (2021)
Fabian Johnston, MD – Vice Chair (2021)
David Bentrem, MD (2021)
Ned Carp, MD (2021)
Anees Chagpar, MD, MSc (2021)
Lesly Dossett, MD, MPH (2021)
Miral Grandhi, MD (2021)
Haejin In, MD (2021)
Ted James, MD (2021)
Matthew Katz, MD (2020)
Thomas Miner, MD (2021)
John Skibber, MD (2021)
Ching-Wei Tzeng, MD (2020)

Julie Sosa, MD, MA, FACS – Chair (2021)
Darren Carpizo, MD, PhD – Vice Chair (2021)
Georgia Beasley, MD, MHSc (2021)
Filip Bednar, MD, PhD (2021)
William Burns, MD (2021)
Kenneth Cardona, MD (2020)
Wim Ceelen, MD, PhD (2021)
Eugene Choi, MD (2021)
Ronald DeMatteo, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Ryan Fields, MD (2021)
Funda Meric-Bernstam, MD (2021)
Heather Neuman, MD (2021)
Kazuaki Takabe, MD, PhD, FACS (2021)
Ryan Thomas, MD (2021)
Allan Tsung, MD (2020)
Jiping Wang, MD, PhD (2020)
Timothy Yeatman, MD (2021)
Adam Yopp, MD (2021)

Sam Yoon, MD – Chair (2020)
Aimee Crago, MD, PhD – Vice Chair (2020)
Dan (Trey) Blazer, MD (2021)
Carlo Contreras, MD (2021)
B Scott Davidson, MD (2021)
Martin Fleming, MD (2021)
Ricardo Gonzalez, MD (2021)
Alessandro Gronchi, MD (2021)
John Kane, MD (2021)
Giorgos Karakousis, MD (2021)
John Mullinax, MD (2021)
Peter Prieto, MD, MPH, CMQ (2021)
Chee-Chee Stucky, MD (2021)
Marcus Tan, MBBS (2021)
Jonathan Zager, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)

Herbert Zeh, MD, FACS – Chair (2020)
Martin Heslin, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Sanjay Bagaria, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Carlton Barnett, MD (2020)
David Bartlett, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Judy Boughey, MD (2021)
Bryan Clary, MD (2020)
Alexandra Gangi, MD (2021)
Joseph Guenther, MD, FACS (2021)
Marissa Howard-McNatt, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Kamran Idrees, MD (2021)
Julie Lang, MD, FACS (2020)
Elizabeth Marcus, MD (2021)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Shaila Merchant, MD (2021)
Motaz Qadan, MD, PhD (2020)
Christina Roland, MD, MS (2021)
Jason Sicklick, MD (2021)
Marjolein Smidt, MD, PhD (2021)
Stacy Ugras, MD (2021)
Nabil Wasif, MD, MPH (2021)
Heather Yeo, MD, MHS (2020)
Amer Zureikat, MD (2021)

Russell Berman, MD – Chair (2021)
Eddie Abdalla, MD (2021)
Farin Amersi, MD (2022)
Glen Balch, MD (2020)
Sarah Blair, MD (2021)
Amanda Cooper, MD (2020)
Keith Delman, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Jill Dietz, MD (2021)
Bridget Fahy, MD (2020)
Mary Gemignani, MD, MPH (2021)
Rosa Hwang, MD (2021)
Mohammed Kalan, MD, FACS, FRCS (2020)
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD, MBA (2021)
Christopher McHenry, MD (2021)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (2021)
Carolyn Nessim, MD, MSc (2020)
Giao Phan, MD (2021)
Venu Pillarisetty, MD (2022)
Chandrajit Raut, MD, MSc  (2020)
Flavio Rocha, MD (2022)
Lawrence Shirley, MD (2021)
Jeffrey Sussman, MD (2021)
Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH (2020)
Tracy Wang, MD, MPH (2021)
Linwah Yip, MD (2021)

Michael D’Angelica, MD – Chair (2020)
Jeffrey Farma, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
David August, MD (2020)
Dan (Trey) Blazer, MD (2020)
Jason Fleming, MD (2020)
Martin Fleming, MD (2020)
Leland Foshag, MD (2020)
T. Clark Gamblin, MD (2020)
Armando Giuliano, MD (2020)
Elizabeth Grubbs, MD (2020)
Trevor Hamilton, MD (2020)
John Kane, MD (2020)
Brian Kaplan, MD (2020)
Steven Katz, MD (2020)
Daniel Labow, MD (2020)
Lily Lai, MD (2020)
Lloyd Mack, MD (2020)
Elliot Mitmaker, MD, FRCSC, FACS (2020)
Carolyn Nessim, MD, MSc (2020)
Nipun Merchant, MD (2020)
David Ollila, MD (2020)
Chandrajit Raut, MD, MSc (2020)
Kevin Roggin, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Prajesh Philips, MD, (2020)
Maheswari Senthil, MD (2020)
Perry Shen, MD (2020)
Allan Tsung, MD (2020)
Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH (2020)
Sharon Weber, MD (2020)
Fabian Johnston, MD (2020)
Frances Wright, MD (2020)
Linwah Yip, MD (2020)

Barbara Smith, MD, PhD – Chair (2020)
Richard Bleicher, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Michael Alvarado, MD (2020)
Cletus Arciero, MD (2020)
Eli Avisar, MD (2020)
Marc Boisvert, MD (2020)
Susan Boolbol, MD (2020)
Patrick Borgen, MD (2020)
Judy Boughey, MD (2020)
Kristin Brill, MD (2020)
Bradford Carter, MD (2020)
Mark Cripe, DO (2020)
Tuoc Dao, MD (2020)
Nayana Dekhne, MD (2020)
Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD (2020)
Emilia Diego, MD (2020)
Maggie DiNome, MD (2020)
David Euhus, MD (2020)
Richard Fine, MD (2020)
Carla Fisher, MD (2020)
Jennifer Gass, MD (2020)
Mary Gemignani, MD, MPH (2020)
Armando Giuliano, MD (2020)
Laura Rosenberger, MD, (2020)
Amber Guth, MD (2020)
Nora Hansen, MD (2020)
Mary Hooks, MD, MBA (2020)
Mary Houlihan, MD (2020)
Kelly Hunt, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Jacqueline Jeruss, MD (2020)
Angela Keleher, MD (2020)
Nazanin Khakpour, MD, FACS (2020)
Brigid Killelea, MD, MPH (2020)
V. Suzanne Klimberg, MD, PhD (2020)
Laura Kruper, MD (2020)
Henry Kuerer, MD, PhD (2020)
Shicha Kumar, MD (2020)
Rachel Wooldridge, MD (2020)
Wey Leong, MD, MSc (2020)
Julie Margenthaler, MD (2020)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Amanda Mendiola, MD (2020)
John Mullen, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Daniela Ochoa, MD (2020)
Catherine Parker, MD (2020)
Rakhshanda Rahman, MD (2020)
Stephen Sener, MD (2020)
Michelle Specht, MD (2020)
Sonia Sugg, MD (2020)
Bret Taback, MD (2020)
Lorraine Tafra, MD (2020)
Julia Tchou, MD, PhD (2020)
Stephanie Valente, DO (2020)
Jamie Wagner, DO (2020)
Irene Wapnir, MD (2020)
Christina Weltz, MD (2020)
Richard White, MD (2020)
Jessica Young, MD (2020)

Anna Weiss, MD – Chair (2020)
Kristin Rojas, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Akhil Chawla, MD (2020)
Steven Chen, MD – Faculty Advisor (2020)
Mary Gemignani, MD, MPH – Faculty Advisor (2020)
Sarah McLaughlin, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
John Mullen, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Anya Romanoff, MD (2020)
Puneet Singh MD (2020)
Camille Stewart MD (2020)
Emily Sturm, MD (2021)
Brooke Vuong MD (2020)
Syed Nabeel Zafar MD, MPH (2021)
Michael Zeidman MD (2021)

Sarah McLaughlin, MD – Chair (2020)
John Mullen, MD – Vice Chair (2020)
Andrea Abbott, MD (2021)
Gretchen Ahrendt, MD (2021)
David Anderson, MD (2020)
Dan (Trey) Blazer, MD (2020)
Michael Cassidy, MD (2021)
Steven Chen, MD (2021)
Jeremy Davis, MD (2021)
Michael Egger, MD, MPH (2021)
Oliver Eng, MD (2021)
Richard Essner, MD (2021)
Valerie Grignol, MD (2020)
Susan Hoover, MD, FACS (2021)
Brian Kaplan, MD (2021)
Susan Kesmodel, MD (2020)
Amanda Kong, MD, MS (2021)
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD, MBA (2020)
Eric Manahan, MD, MBA, FACS (2020)
Kevin Roggin, MD – Executive Council Liaison (2020)
Kandice Ludwig, MD (2021)
Sonia Sugg, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
Linwah Yip, MD (ex-officio member) (2020)
George Van Buren, MD (2021)