Breast Fellows Webinars

The SSO Breast Fellows webinars are on-demand programs that provide content on a specific topic and consist of at least two case presentations that are presented by fellows. Topics that are covered include difficult or complicated breast cancer cases.

Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

November 2017

Moderator: Gretchen M. Ahrendt, MD, FACS (University of Colorado-Denver), Susan K. Boolbol, MD (Beth Israel Medical Center and St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center)

Discussant: Dr. Virginia Borges (University of Colorado-Denver) 
Presenting Fellows: Dr. Renee Arlow (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Kristin Rojas (Maimonides Medical Center)

Breast cancer in pregnancy: avoiding fetal harm when maternal treatment is necessary. Cordeiro et al., The Breast Journal 2017: 23 (2) 200 – 205

Imaging appearance and clinical impact of preoperative breast MRI in pregnancy-associated breast cancer. Myers et al., AJR 2017; W177-W183

Sentinel lymph node biopsy in pregnant women with breast cancer. Gropper et al., Ann Surg Oncol 2014; 21: 2506 – 2511

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Breaking down barriers: the importance of the stromal microenvironment in acquiring invasiveness in young women’s breast cancer. Pepper Schedin1,2,3,4 and Virginia Borges1,2,3

Postpartum diagnosis demonstrates a high risk for metastasis and merits an expanded definition of pregnancy-associated breast cancer. 
Eryn B. Callihan • Dexiang Gao • Sonali Jindal • Traci R. Lyons • Elizabeth Manthey • Susan Edgerton • Alexander Urquhart • Pepper Schedin • Virginia F. Borges

Pregnancy and Breast Cancer: when They Collide. Traci R. Lyons & Pepper J. Schedin & Virginia F. Borges

Breast Cancer in the Elderly

October 2017

Moderator: Gretchen M. Ahrendt, MD, FACS (University of Colorado-Denver), Susan K. Boolbol, MD (Beth Israel Medical Center and St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center)

Presenting Fellows: Alison Barron, MD (Mayo Clinic), Abby Geletzke, MD (Women and Infants), Sylvia Reyes, MD (University of Pennsylvania), and Arsalan Salamat, MD (University of Pittsburgh)

Articles to support Scenario 1:
Breast-conserving surgery with or without irradiation in women aged 65 years or older with early breast cancer (PRIME II): a randomized controlled trial

Effectiveness of radiation for prevention of mastectomy in older breast cancer patients treated with conservative surgery.

Lumpectomy plus tamoxifen with or without irradiation in women age 70 or older with early breast cancer: Long-Term Follow-Up of CALGB 9343

Articles not supporting Scenario 1: 
Lumpectomy Plus Tamoxifen With or Without Irradiation in Women Age 70 Years or Older With Early Breast Cancer: Long-Term Follow-Up of CALGB 9343

A randomised controlled trial of post-operative radiotherapy following breast-conserving surgery in a minimum-risk population. Quality of life at 5 years in the PRIME trial

Scenario 2: Sentinel node biopsy should routinely be performed in women over the age of 70 with Stage I ER+ breast cancer and a clinically negative axilla.

Articles to support Scenario 2:
Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Older and Younger Women With Lymph Node–Positive Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Among the Oldest Old: Tumor Characteristics, Treatment Choices, and Survival

Improvement in Breast Cancer Outcomes Over Time: Are Older Women Missing Out?

Articles not supporting Scenario 2: 
Association of LN Evaluation with Survival in Women Aged 70 Years or Older With Clinically Node-Negative Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer

Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

Predicting Nodal Positivity in Women 70 Years of Age and Older with Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer to Aid Incorporation of a Society of Surgical Oncology Choosing Wisely Guideline into Clinical Practice

High Risk Lesions in Breast Fellows Webinar

February 2017

Moderator: Gretchen M. Ahrendt, MD, FACS (Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC), Susan K. Boolbol, MD (Beth Israel Medical Center and St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center)

Discussant: Amy Degnim, MD (Mayo Clinic)

Presenting Fellows: Kelsey Larson, MD (Cleveland Clinic Foundation), Christine Harris, MD (Anne Arundel Medical Center), & Tolga Ozmen, MD (University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital)

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