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University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas
Training Program Director: Mediget Teshome, MD, MPH

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center buildings

MD Anderson Cancer Center is recognized globally as one of the best training and treatment centers in the world. During the past academic year, more than 3,000 new patients with breast cancer were seen at our institution.

The program is designed to equip trainees with the tools they need to become leaders in breast cancer treatment and research at academic and community programs. Candidates who complete the program will also have the expertise needed to establish new academic and community breast surgical oncology programs at other leading centers. Graduates of the program obtain superb jobs and we maintain close ties with them as they advance through their career. Many of our previous fellows have obtained leadership positions at premier institutions throughout the country and globally.


The curriculum will enable fellows to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the surgical and multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. Currently, more than 100 faculty members from various disciplines interact and treat patients in the breast program. There are currently 23 breast surgical oncologists who participate in the training of our breast fellows.

The program is a 1-year clinical fellowship that includes rotations in Breast Surgical Services, Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Breast Medical Oncology, Breast Imaging, Breast Pathology, and dedicated time for clinical research with the opportunity to present at the leading national meetings on cancer and surgery. Breast Surgical Oncology Training Program fellows will have considerable exposure to many disciplines, including genetic counseling, rehabilitative medicine, and patient advocacy. Applicants interested in laboratory-based cancer research training may also elect to apply for our National Cancer Institute-supported T-32 research fellowship.

Educational Conferences and Courses

The fellow will participate in multiple teaching conferences throughout the year, some of which are listed here:
• Weekly Breast Education Conferences by leading faculty in their field
• Breast Ultrasound Course
• Twice weekly Multidisciplinary Care Conferences
• Weekly Benign Clinical Management Conference
• Quarterly Breast Cancer Clinical Research Findings Update
• Weekly institutional wide cancer core curriculum lectures


The Breast Surgical Oncology Training Program is conducted in a vibrant research environment comprising several research laboratories and state-of-the-art research facilities. Through our translational research program, scientists and clinicians from multiple disciplines collaborate on every aspect of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Currently, over 300 active diagnostic, therapeutic, and clinical research protocols are available for our patients with breast cancer or those at high risk for developing it. The institution ranks first in the number of research grants awarded by the National Cancer Institute.

The faculty and staff of the Breast Surgical Oncology Training Program are committed to providing leadership in clinical breast cancer care, clinical research, and laboratory-based research that will lead to the prevention and eradication of breast cancer. Fellows participate in prospective and retrospective clinical studies utilizing our databases with mentorship from faculty and assistance from our database and statistical personnel. The quality of these research studies allows for peer-reviewed publications in the world’s leading medical journals.


Currently, four (one-year) fellowship positions are available. To be eligible for the fellowship, applicants must have successfully completed their residency training in general surgery in an accredited program in the United States or Canada, and have obtained qualifications to sit for the examination of the American Board of Surgery. Foreign applicants with equivalent qualifications may apply.

Please refer to the SSO website regarding the application deadline and match details. All applicants must submit a current curriculum vitae, a personal statement, three letters of recommendation (one letter being from the Director of the residency program), and a photograph.

Contact Information

Training Program Director:Mediget Teshome, MD, MPH
Address:The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Breast Surgical Oncology
1400 Pressler Street, Unit 1434
Houston, TX 77030-1402
Phone: 713-745-4040
Fellowship Coordinator:Maria Y. Melas
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