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Korean Breast Cancer Society

Korean Breast Cancer SocietyThe Korean Breast Cancer Society (KBCS) was founded in 1999 after the Korean Breast Cancer Research Group was initiated in 1996. The KBCS is aimed to promote quality assurance in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by carrying out clinical & research studies. It also supports enhancing the professional development of members and serves as a communication channel to share valuable information and ideas, and to build up interaction between its members. Furthermore, it promotes mutual cooperation with relevant domestic and international organizations to reach its ultimate goal. Currently in 2022, there are more than 1,500 active members, of which 83% are surgical oncologists. Surgical oncologists at KBCS are working with medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, plastic & reconstructive surgeons, and many others to overcome the highly multidisciplinary disease. 

The KBCS hosts the Global Breast Cancer Conference (GBCC) in South Korea annually in April. This year the conference will be held from April 27 – 29, 2023. The GBCC, first hosted in 2007, aims to draw together scientists, researchers, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and policymakers to increase global awareness of breast cancer, enhance a better understanding of the disease and its medical treatments, and improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients. GBCC 2022 hosted 2,351 participants from 35 countries. 

The Journal of Breast Cancer is the official journal of the KBCS. It has been indexed by SCIE, Scopus, Embase, etc. since 2008, and is currently issued bimonthly. 

The KBCS has been a Partner Society with SSO since 2022. The SSO offers observership/poster presentation opportunities to KBCS members and participation in the SSO International Career Development Exchange program. Through the Observership program, KBCS provides the opportunity for SSO young surgeons to attend the GBCC and visit medical institutions to observe surgical procedures and research projects.

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