Best of SSO

The Best of SSO program is derived from content submitted for the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium.

The Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) Annual Cancer Symposium is the premier showcase for the year’s most influential developments in surgical oncology. More than 1,500 surgical oncology professionals from around the world come together to debate the Symposium’s substantial selection of landmark research, meet with leading innovators and explore the latest technology that is determining the future of the field. At the Annual Cancer Symposium, attendees experience firsthand the most comprehensive cross-section of new techniques and equipment that will play a central role in the advancements of the coming year.

The Symposium attracts surgical oncologists, general surgeons, thoracic surgical oncologists and other medical professionals involved in the care of patients with solid tumors. Attendees learn about transformative and exciting innovations in cancer care, including new surgical approaches, advances in the understanding of cancer biology, improvements in cancer imaging and multimodality therapy.

SSO Annual Cancer Symposium content is chosen by members of the SSO Scientific Program Committee (SPC), which comprises of disease site specialists in each of the selected topic categories.  There are two types of sessions selected for presentation; abstracts that are submitted for consideration for presentation at the Annual Cancer Symposium and specific Symposia topics, identified by member specialists as providing information on specialized topics in surgical oncology education.

The Best of SSO program allows participating societies/organizations to license materials from the SSO’s Annual Cancer Symposium and to partner with the Society to present Conference abstracts in local areas for a fee.

Best of SSO content is selected from the top scoring abstracts that are chosen for presentation at the Annual Cancer Symposium after intense review and discussion by the SPC.

If your society is interested in licensing the Best of SSO, please contact Ana Olivares, Manager, Global Outreach and Special Programs, at for more information.

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