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The Lancet Oncology Commission Taps Chandrakanth Are, MD to Lead Development of Global Cancer Surgery (TLO-CGCS) Part II Report

In September 2015, The Lancet Oncology Commission published “Global Cancer Surgery: Delivering Safe, Affordable and Timely Cancer Surgery,” a review of the inequities in global cancer care. The impact of this report was significant and has been one of the highest-scoring mentioned articles from Lancet Oncology, ranking 9th of 4,753.*

As a follow-up to the first report, Chandrakanth Are, MD, surgical oncologist and global advocate on elevating standards for international surgical cancer care, has been appointed by the Lancet Oncology Commission to lead the development of The Lancet Oncology Commission on Global Cancer Surgery- Part II Report. Having spent much of his career examining the inequities in global cancer care and serving as an international voice on the topic, Dr. Are is ideally suited to serve in this role. Through his leadership as the Chair of the Society of Surgical Oncology’s (SSO) International Committee and Director of the Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons (GFCS), he is well-equipped to take on the issues that vary dramatically from country to country.

While the Part I Report served as an effective catalyst to generate significant awareness about the gross inequities in the cancer care continuum, the TLO-CGCS-Part II will focus on developing solutions to those problems. The Part II report will have several sections that will attempt to address these areas of deficiencies in surgical care for cancer patients. Dr. Are said, “There are distinct goals that this group of global surgical oncology leaders will address, including assessment of deficiencies inherent in surgical care, developing ready-to-implement solutions, creating structural frameworks and consensus statements and the outlining of a roadmap of strategies to implement recommendations.”

Authors for this manuscript include internationally-renowned surgical leaders including SSO’s current and past presidents, David L. Bartlett, MD, Armando E. Giuliano, MD, Kelly M. McMasters, MD, PhD, Murray F. Brennan MD, and Charles M. Balch, MD and authors from the first report including SSO members Benjamin O. Anderson, MD and T. Peter Kingham, MD. Several other important international leaders such as Richard Sullivan, MD (Lead Commissioner for the first report) and leaders from Low to Middle Income Countries will also be providing their expertise to develop this important report. The Report is scheduled to launch during SSO’s International Conference on Surgical Cancer Care, SSO 2021, in Chicago, IL with simultaneous publication in the Lancet Oncology.

For additional information related to the topic of global cancer surgery, please reference the following publications:

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For further information, or if you are from a Low to Middle Income country and would like to contribute to the Commission, please contact Dr. Chandrakanth Are at


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