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International Career Development Exchange

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The International Career Development Exchange (ICDE) program provides support for up-and-coming international surgical oncologists, with leadership potential, to attend the SSO Annual Meeting and visit a U.S. based institution following the meeting. The SSO is currently offering two opportunities to participate in this program.  

The two successful candidates will receive: 

  • Be an SSO Active International member residing in one of the countries listed below
  • Complimentary registration to SSO 2024. 
  • A stipend of $3,000 USD to assist with travel arrangements. 
  • The opportunity for each candidate to be matched with one SSO member “mentor”, based on shared professional or scientific interests. 
  • The opportunity for the candidates to visit their mentor’s institution for one week following SSO 2024. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Cannot have previously received the SSO ICDE grant.
  • Cannot have previously attended more than one SSO Annual Meeting in the past three years. 
  • Should be 45 years old or younger.
  • Must be fluent in English (conversational, reading and writing).
  • Must be able to travel to the United States in March 2024. It is preferred that applicants already have a current passport.

This opportunity is open to SSO Active International members, please contact your national society if your country is not listed below. Click on the chart of eligible countries to enlarge image.

To apply online, please click HERE.  

The application deadline is Sunday, October 1, 2023.  

Please have a PDF of these document ready prior to completing the application: 

  • CV (should be a maximum of 3 pages, plus publications) 
  • Letter of Recommendation (Letter from Program Director, Department Chair or Director at Institution must be signed and on letterhead).  

Candidates will be evaluated based on: 

  • Written Rationale 
  • Specific Objectives/Expected Outcomes
  • Plans to disseminate knowledge
  • Engagement in scientific research  

The SSO reserves the right to evaluate and determine eligibility based on the information and justifications included in the requested materials.

For any additional questions, please contact Jacqueline Luna-Montes, Manager, Global Programs at jacquelineluna-montes@surgonc.org. 

About SSO International Career Development Exchange

The ICDE program provides support for up-and-coming surgical oncologists, with leadership potential, to attend the SSO International Conference on Surgical Cancer Care and, when possible, visit one U.S. based institution to observe procedures and enhance their knowledge.

ICDE recipients have been paired with Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) members, who will serve as hosts and mentors, with the intent that long-term relationships are developed to help improve cancer care in other countries.

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