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Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology

The Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology (CSSO) is an organization made up of surgical oncologists and general surgeons across Canada, founded in 1988. These physicians are dedicated to improving cancer care in Canada. They do this by performing the following:

  • Facilitating communication between surgeons whose primary interest lies in the field of oncology.
  • Encouraging the formation of surgical oncology training programs in surgical departments in Canadian Universities.
  • Promoting the optimum treatment of the patient with cancer through a multi-disciplinary treatment approach.
  • Cooperating with other organizations, including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS), The Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) and Canadian Oncology Societies (COS) in activities designed to achieve these objectives.
  • Fostering the development of education in cancer, for both graduate, undergraduate and continuing medical education.
  • Encouraging the development of research in oncologic surgery.

The Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology (CSSO) has been an SSO partner society since 2016. The CSSO offers observerships/poster presentation opportunities to SSO members and participates in the SSO International Career Development Exchange program.

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