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Korean Society of Surgical Oncology

The Korean Society of Surgical Oncology (KSSO) was initially founded as the Korean Society of Clinical Oncology in May of 2005. In 2014, the organization’s name was changed to the Korean Society of Surgical Oncology in order to advance the societies stated goals and attain national recognition by the Korean Medical Association and other national medical associations. The mission of the Korean Society of Surgical Oncology is to enhance the quality of life of patients by focusing on the treatment of solid-tumor disease sites. The focus on all solid-tumor disease sites is reflected in its Annual Symposium (SISSO, Seoul International Symposium of Surgical Oncology), biannually scientific journal (The Korean Journal of Clinical Oncology), education initiatives, and committee structure.

The KSSO has been a Global Partner Society with the SSO since 2016. The SSO offers observership/poster presentation opportunities to KSSO members and participates in the SSO International Career Development Exchange program. Through the observership program, KSSO provides the opportunity for SSO young surgeons to attend SISSO and visit medical institutions to observe surgical procedures.

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