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Sociedad Mexicana de Oncologia, AC

Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología A.C. is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting, scientific advances and the teaching of oncology in all its branches at the highest academic level, with a sense of humanistic commitment; addressing the academic and specialization needs demanded by public health.

Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología A.C. is committed to research, study and constant scientific contributions related to cancer, and creating bonds with international associations that have similar goals.

Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología A.C. does this by:

  • Promoting the study, dissemination and teaching of advances related to oncology in all its areas in Mexico.
  • Encouraging research that can be used in practical application.
  • Promoting an exchange of knowledge between local institutions and those abroad.
  • Ensuring that oncology only be practiced by specialized and certified
  • Promoting by all means available the interest for the study of the disciplines the problem of cancer

Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología A.C. has been a partner society with the SSO since 2014.

SSO proudly attended SMeO 2023 with our SSO President, Kelly K. Hunt, MD, presenting in two meeting sessions.

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