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Leonie T. Jonker, Matthijs Plas, Geertruida H. de Bock, Erik Buskens, Barbara L. van Leeuwen, and Maarten M. H. Lahr


Citation: Jonker, L.T., Plas, M., de Bock, G.H. et al. Remote Home Monitoring of Older Surgical Cancer Patients: Perspective on Study Implementation and Feasibility. Ann Surg Oncol 28, 67–78 (2021).

Synopsis:  Elderly patients in the study setting considered postoperative home monitoring following oncological surgery acceptable and usable. These results provide a  valuable contribution to the discussion on the feasibility of home monitoring after surgery and are relevant for future studies.

Alessandro Vanoli, Federica Grillo, Camilla Guerini…Antonio Di Sabatino


Citation: Vanoli, A., Grillo, F., Guerini, C. et al. Prognostic Role of Mismatch Repair Status, Histotype and High-Risk Pathologic Features in Stage II Small Bowel Adenocarcinomas. Ann Surg Oncol 28, 1167–1177 (2021). 

Synopsis: In patients with stage  II  small bowel adenocarcinomas,  mismatch repair deficiency and celiac disease represent favorable prognostic markers, whereas poorly cohesive histology and  pT4  are associated with a  worse prognosis.  These features may help in selecting patients for adjuvant chemotherapy.

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