Annals of Surgical Oncology Expands Influence in Surgical Oncology

<i>Annals of Surgical Oncology</i> Expands Influence in Surgical Oncology

Annals of Surgical Oncology enhanced its role as a leading research journal in surgical oncology in 2019 through an expanded publication program.  The journal published an increased number of original research articles across multiple disease sites, along with a greater number of editorials, in 2019 versus 2018 (13% increase). ASO also set a new record for article downloads with more than 1 million in 2019. A new editorial topic section was added, Peritoneal Surface Malignancies, and the Biostatistics section of the Editorial Board expanded to include 8 biostatistician members. In addition, the journal developed a new article format, “ASO Author Reflections,” in which authors provide export commentary regarding their published article.

<i>Annals of Surgical Oncology</i> Expands Influence in Surgical OncologyWhile maintaining a 19% acceptance rate for original research articles, in 2019 the Editors under the leadership of Dr. Kelly McMasters, Editor, and Dr. Mark Roh, Executive Editor, oversaw the review of over 2,800 submissions, which involved more than 2,600 reviewers. Top cited topic areas included Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic Tumors, Reconstructive Oncology, and Sarcoma. The most frequent source of submitted manuscripts in 2019 (in rank order) was the United States, Japan, China, S. Korea, the Netherlands, and France, with manuscripts representing 47 countries in total. Internationals stakeholders were active throughout journal activities, including authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members, and members of the social media community.

Annals authors in 2019 also received enhanced editorial support with their submissions. The journal’s “Instructions to Contributors” were updated to reflect best practices in scholarly periodicals publishing, all submissions underwent an iThenticate scan during the initial submission workflow, and individual author disclosure forms are now required per manuscript submission.

The reach of the journal was expanded in 2019 with the growth and activity of its Twitter feed (@AnnSurgOncol), and a new monthly journal podcast, “Speaking of SurgOnc,” in which host ASO Deputy Editor Dr. Frederick L. (Rick) Greene and guest authors discuss ideas and research published in the journal.

New journal features planned for 2020 include the launch of The Landmark Series, in which seminal clinical trials in specific topic areas are highlighted and summarized—resource articles that every trainee and practicing Surgical Oncologist should read. The first of these articles, focused on melanoma, are published in the January issue along with a new educational resource series in patient-reported outcomes as well as the annual Advance Cancer Research article series.

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