James Ewing Layperson’s Award

The James Ewing Layperson’s Award is intended to thank and honor non-physicians for their work in support of public awareness, patient resources, or clinical or research efforts in the prevention or cure of cancer.

Sam Kimura, Alex Kimura, and Taylor Shorten 2018 
 Margaret Foti, PhD, MD2016 
Kristen Olewine Milke 2015 
Joseph Moore2014
Lisa Paulsen (see video here)2012
Kimberly T. Duchossois2011
Sanford L. Weill2010
Anne and Donna Gioia2009
Lt. Governor John C. Carney, Jr.2008
Sister Alice Louise Potts2007
Paula Kim2006
Jane Weiner2005
Don and Deidre Imus2004
Harry J. Pearce2003
Sec. HHS Tommy G. Thompson2002
Hamilton Jordan2002
Amy Langer2001
Richard Duchossois2000
Arnold Palmer1999
Rep. John E. Porter1998
Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf1997
Evelyn Lauder1996
Richard A. Bloch1995
Nancy Brinker1994
Michael Wayne1993
Roger B. Smith1992
Joseph J. Zavertnik, MD1991
Rose Kushner1990
Fitzhugh Mullen1989
Jane Brody1988
G. Robert Gadberry1987
Barbara Weintraub1986
Rep. Tim Lee Carter1985
Allan K. Jonas1984
Armand Hammer1983
Joseph H. Young1982
Laurance S. Rockefeller1981
Audrey Mars1980
Ann Landers1979
Helene G. Brown1978
Marvella Bayh1977
Rep. Paul G. Rogers1976
Benno C. Schmidt1975
Mary Lasker1974
Terese Lasser1973
Ira Karon1972
William Gargan1971
Lane Adams1970
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