SSO Presidential Addresses

Over the years, SSO Presidential Addresses have covered an array of topics ranging from the growth and evolution of the Society, changes in the care of cancer patients, overcoming personal and professional challenges and ethical considerations. While topics may range, the constant element is the deep passion for the profession and for improving the lives of cancer patients.

Serendipity and Strategy on the Path of Progress – Armando E. Giuliano, MD, 2019

SSO 2019 Presidential Address -

Incoming SSO President Dr. David L. Bartlett (2019) introduced Dr. Armando Giuliano for his Presidential Address titled, "Serendipity and Strategy on the Path of Progress."

The Fundamental Difference Between Cancer Treatment and Patient Care – Kelly M. McMasters, MD, PhD, 2018

Charting the Course Ahead for the Society of Surgical Oncology: “The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be.” – Daniel G. Coit, MD, 2017

Translational Cancer Research: The Surgeon’s Role – Jeffrey A. Drebin, MD, 2016

Society of Surgical Oncology: The Next 75 Years – Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD, 2015

Translational  V. Suzanne Klimberg, MD, 2014

The End of the Beginning

Monica Morrow, MD, 2013

A Society in Transition: Presidential Remarks at the 65th Annual SSO Cancer Symposium – James S. Economou, MD, PhD, 2012

It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey – Mitchell C. Posner, MD, 2011

Subspecialty Certificate in Advanced Surgical Oncology – Fabrizio Michelassi, MD, 2010

The War on Cancer-Shifting from Disappointment to New Hope – William G. Cance, MD, 2009

“I’m in a New York State of Mind” – Nicholas J. Petrelli, MD, 2008

Surgical Oncology at the Crossroads: the Future is Now – Raphael E. Pollock, MD, PhD, 2007

Assessing the State of Surgical Oncology: The Future Is Now – Timothy J. Eberlein, MD, 2006

Mentoring Surgeons for the 21st Century – S. Eva Singletary, MD, 2005

Friendships, Partnerships, and Teams-Keys to Academic Success – Alfred M. Cohen, MD, 2004

Volume, Outcome, and Surgical Specialization – John M. Daly, MD, 2003

The Things That Matter Most – John E. Niederhuber, MD, 2002

Challenges Facing Clinical Research – William C. Wood, MD, 2001

Values in Leadership: Lessons Learned From Patients, Students, and Colleagues – Glenn Steele, MD, 2000

Surgical Oncology: A Specialty in Evolution – Edward M. Copeland III, MD, 1999

The Society of Surgical Oncology and the commission on cancer: Progress through synergism – David P. Winchester, MD, 1998

The Society at a Crossroads: Milestones and Imperatives for Cancer Clinical Trials – Kirby I. Bland, MD, 1997

The Enigma of Local Recurrence – Murray F. Brennan, MD, 1996

Eat Your Cereal – Bernard Gardner, MD, 1995

Surgical Oncology in the 21st Century – Charles M. Balch, MD, 1992

Wither, Whether, or Whither – Benjamin F. Rush, Jr, MD, 1990

The Society of Surgical Oncology at a Crossroads: Thoughts for the Future – Blake Cady, MD, 1989

At Last—Worldwide Agreement on the Staging of Cancer – Robert V.P. Hutter, MD, 1987

The Role of the Surgical Oncologist in the Community Hospital – Victor D. Dembrow, MD, 1986

Improved Understanding of Mammary Cancer – Hiram C. Polk Jr., MD, 1985

The Privileges and the Responsibilities of a Surgical Oncologist – Robert J. McKenna, MD, 1984

Fatti Maschii Parole Femine – Gerald P. Murphy, MD, DSc, 1983

Truth in Labeling: You Can’t Fool Mother Nature – Jerome J. DeCosse, MD, 1982

Definition of an Oncologist: – Condict Moore, MD, 1981

Status of Surgical Oncology in the University – Walter Lawrence, Jr., MD, 1980

Surgical Oncology-Expectations for the Future – LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., MD, 1979

The Surgical Treatment of Cancer – Harvey W. Baker, MD, 1978

Society of Surgical Oncology – William R. Nelson, MD, 1977

The Surgical Oncologist – Lewis W. Guiss, MD, 1976

The Evolution of Surgical Oncology – Edward F. Scanlon, MD, 1975

College of Cancer – Arthur G. James, MD, 1974

Cancer Therapy—The Patient’s Choice? – Arthur I. Holleb, MD, 1973

A Surgeon Looks at Radiotherapy in Cancer of the Colon and Rectum – Stuart H. Quan, MD, 1972

The Implications of the Report of the Warren Cole Committee – Guy F. Robbins, MD, FACS, 1970

Presidential Address – Sam A. Wilkins, Jr., MD, 1969

Management of Patients with Cancer of the Thyroid – Theodore Winship, MD, 1967

Presidential Address – Glenn H. Leak, MD, 1966

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