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SSO Bylaws

Attend the Annual Business Meeting to Vote on Bylaws Changes

As part of SSO’s Strategic Plan, the Executive Council charged the Constitution & Bylaws Committee with updating SSO’s Bylaws to reflect the new goals. Many of the revisions are much-needed updates to bring the Bylaws into current practice with SSO’s policies and procedures. The changes simplify the Bylaws to remove arbitrary limitations and outdated practices. Additional recommendations will enhance the SSO member experience and encourage the presence of diverse voices and communities within the organization.

RSVP for the in-person Annual Business Meeting at SSO 2024. If you can’t join us, submit your proxy vote instead.

Suggested revisions are broadly summarized below:

  • Language Clarification: Changes in language or usage which clarify meaning for ease of use;
  • Removals: Items which no longer reflect SSO’s practice, values, or goals, or which are no longer considered best practice or in the best interest of the organization;
  • Additions per Bylaws Committee recommendation: Language additions to bring the Bylaws in line with the goals of the SSO Strategic Plan;
  • Practice Updates: Changes reflect existing Society practices which will now be codified in the Bylaws document.
  • Items Moved: Based on recommended revisions, certain sections or items were moved to a different place in the document.
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